Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

The principal at Washington Elementary is planning a field trip for the 5th grade students to tour the local community college campus. She chooses one 5th grade class of 30 students and arranges for them to meet at the college’s welcome center. In order to make travel more convenient once they are on the large college campus, she decides to rent a 20-passenger shuttle bus to drive her, the students, and a few parent chaperones around to see the different buildings and facilities. She rents the shuttle bus for a full day, which amounts to $250 per hour. She is able to build a custom tour itinerary, and the 5th graders end up having a great day learning about college life. The principal tips 10% as a thank you for providing a smooth, educational tour.

Example #2:

The Escondido Party Bus Company provides luxury ground transportation for corporate retreats and team building events. Recently, an Escondido tech company booked two 56-passenger charter buses for an overnight retreat in the mountains. The total rental period was 24 hours, beginning at 8 AM when our buses picked up employees from the company parking lot. Our quoted rate for this overnight charter is $250 per hour per bus. With two buses rented for 24 hours each, the total cost was $12,000. This covered all transportation, onboard amenities like WiFi and entertainment, and professional team. With 100 employees attending the retreat, the per person transportation cost averaged $120 for the overnight trip. For corporate events requiring luxury buses with onboard restrooms and entertainment, our standard hourly rates start at $200 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. Whether transporting executives to a conference or employees on a team building adventure, the Escondido Party Bus Company delivers 5-star transportation solutions.

Example #3:

The local youth soccer club is taking their 12-and-under boys team to a weekend tournament in a city that is a few hours away. There are 14 players on the team plus coaches and parents that want to attend to support the team. The soccer club decides to rent a charter bus that can transport 30 passengers so that everyone can travel together. They find a charter bus company that charges $250 per hour. Because the drive to the tournament city is 4 hours each way, they estimate needing the bus for about 10 hours total between driving to and from the tournament over the weekend. At $250 per hour, the total cost comes out to $2,500. The soccer club families split this cost evenly, with each family paying around $180 for the weekend’s transportation. This covers all their driving needs and allows the parents to avoid having to drive separately.

Example #4:

A group of 10 friends from Escondido plan a day trip to explore wineries in Temecula. They decide to rent a party bus for the day to travel in style and comfort, as well as ensure everyone can enjoy tastings comfortably. The group rents a 14-passenger party bus for 10 hours, quoted at $250 per hour, for a total of $2,500. This covers pickup and dropoff at a central location in Escondido, roundtrip transportation to Temecula, stops at four different wineries chosen by the group, and food and non-alcoholic drinks on board. At the end of the trip, the group tips 15%, adding $375 to the total cost. Between the 10 friends, the day trip costs each person $287.50 for transportation, tasting fees, food, and the experiences made together.

Example #5:

Maria and James are getting married in Escondido next month. For their big day, they book an 18-passenger party bus to transport their wedding party between the hotel, ceremony site, and reception venue. The luxury bus rental costs $250 per hour, with a 4 hour minimum. They need the bus from 12-4pm on their wedding day to allow time for photos between events. That comes out to $1,000. Maria also rents a 14 passenger party bus for her bachelorette party the night before, from 8pm-midnight. At $250 per hour for 4 hours, it’s another $1,000. With both buses, plus tips, Maria and James spend $2,150 total on Escondido party bus rentals. The convenience of having their entire wedding group transported together, complete with luxury amenities like leather seats, music, and lighting, makes the additional cost worthwhile for their special day.

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